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Med Elite Canopies

Robust Timber Framed Terrace Cover

The Mediterranea is a terrace canopy which has a fixed framework with an automated retractable roof. When tensioned the roof creates a flat surface that guarantees the discharge of rain water and then retracts, concertina style, at the touch of a button. A fixed cover panel at the rear helps protect the fabric from the elements.

The Mediterranea provides shelter from the rain and shading from the sun's rays but can be fully retracted if desired to enable you to take full advantage of the good weather. No other retractable terrace cover offers the versatility of the Med. Great for those with minimal space who want to create a smoking area for their customers.

Med Elite Canopies

Med Unica 130 and 165 Canopies

Robust Aluminium Framed Terrace Cover

The Med Unica is a terrace cover which has an aluminium framework and a motorised retractable roof. This retractable roof offers a flat surface when tensioned, and along with drip catchers seals to prevent water seeping laterally over the cover edge, ensures the discharge of rain through the integrated guttering system. The roof then retracts, concertina style, via a remote control. The roof fabric is then protected from the elements by a fixed aluminium or transparent PMMA cover.

Available up to widths of 12m at a projection of 7m the structure is made from high strength extruded aluminium, powder coated to give a clean contemporary feel. Available in 4 standard colours, anthracite, stainless steel effect, white (RAL 9010), ivory (RAL1013).

Optional side blinds allow the flexibility to create a totally enclosed environment.

Wind resistance: class 3 (110NM =50KM) equivalent to grade 6-7 on the Beaufort scale, with many sizes tested to Beaufort 10

Goal post can be used to install systems back to back.

An ideal and affordable way to expand your home or business, the Med Unica Retractable Canopy offers shelter from the rain and shading from the sun, fully retracting so fine weather can also be enjoyed.

Med Unica 130 and 165 Canopies

Country Tex

The Country Tex is a terrace cover which has a timber framework and a motorised retractable roof. Via a remote control the highly tensioned fabric is completely stretched throughout its cycle, creating a flat surface that ensures the discharge of rain water.

Available up to a width of 8m at a 5m projection and made from high quality fabric designed and manufactured for the use on external structures. The timber structure, available in walnut or mahogany stain, is lamellar pine which is imbued by copper baron salts which protects the wood from the elements.

The lamellar pine wood offers increased stability, resistance and provides high bearing capacity in comparison to solid wood, which is known to twist, curve, and split.

Drop down side blinds for front of system and sides, to give a complete room feel with flexibility to be raised at the press of a button.

Goal post can be used to install systems back to back.

With a choice of 22 different fabric colours to choose from, the roof structure rolls back into a neat cassette at the rear of the system leaving an unobtrusive frame work.

Country Tex


This terrace covering is a patented aluminium construction with integrated Fixscreen® technology. The sun-protection screen is fully built into the structure to create an aesthetically pleasing unit. In view of its modular construction, the terrace covering can easily be extended, even at a later date.

The Fixscreen® technology, combined with unrivalled fabric tensioning, ensures that the rainwater is drained towards the convealed guide water channels. Even when the fabric is not fully extended, any water falling upon it will be drained by these integrated channels. A great deal of engineering work has also gone into the quality of the finish.

For example, all the fixation parts are virtually invisible, any electrical cabling can be completely hidden from sight, and the floor fixation can also be concealed.

The high quality of the materials used and the design of the Lagune® itself reduce maintenance to a minimum whilst guaranteeing exceptional durability.

The extensive choice of colours and the various options for locking the unit ensure that the Lagune® fits into any building style.


The Isola Fly

The Isola Fly is an anti-UV ray blackout PVC awning, fitted into an aluminium frame and stainless steel structure.

Using a unique patented system, the awning is opened and stretched utilising lateral stainless steel pantographs, which put the two sides in tension. Movement is transmitted on lateral guides with a high-resistance timing belt.

The stretched fabrics arched solution allows for lateral water drainage.



The Algarve is a simple and practical terrace cover, offering a sun protection system based on rotating blades. The extruding aluminium blades rotate up to 150 degrees enabling the user to decide how much sun protection, and the necessary ventilation and cooling, is required.

When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof and the system also includes a gutter which drains the water from the blades into the columns. Any furniture below is always protected, as even when the blades are opened after rain, the blades are designed so the water is drained away sideways.

With a snow loading rating of up to 70kg/m2 it also has a wind resistance of up to 120km/h for closed blades, this system is ideal for areas prone to bad weather.

Maximum size of a single module is 6m x 4m, although coverage of larger areas is possible with multiple modules.

Available in all RAL colours, the Algarve is easily maintained due to its durable material construction and fits in with any building style.