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Rendezvous Café - Bradford

Following a meeting with the new cafe awnings, The Shade Zone supplied and installed an open cassette Topas electrically operated awning, with the company logo sign written to the valance.

Mr Griffiths - Romsey

With a client chosen RAL coloured frame to match existing window frames etc, The Shade Zone supplied a free standing Algarve Rotating Blade Canopy, complete with a fix-screen to give additional protection from the elements.

Mr Newman – Dulwich, London

With a major home refurbishment taking place, Mr Corcoran ordered 2 off 6m x 4m Schattello Parasols, complete with bespoke black frames, and heating and lighting; enabling the family to enjoy late evenings outside

Mr Corcoran – Lapley, Stafforshire

With a major home refurbishment taking place, Mr Corcoran ordered 2 off 6m x 4m Schattello Parasols, complete with bespoke black frames, and heating and lighting; enabling the family to enjoy late evenings outside

The Chesterfields Public House & Restaurant - Chester

Keen to take advantage of the wonderful scenery at the back of the restaurant, The Shade Zone supplied and installed a lean to aluminium framed Med Unica retractable canopy, offering all year round outdoor coverage.

Saracen Head Inn Public House & Restaurant – Ross-On-Wye

Looking for additional coverage outside of the restaurant, an order was placed with Shade Zone UK for the supply and installation of a lean to, timber framed, double module Country Tex retractable canopy.

Margaux Restaurant – Chelsea, London

Situated in Chelsea, London, the Shade Zone supplied Margaux Restaurant with an electrically operated I Type full cassette awning, with company branding and telephone number sign written onto the valance.

De Montfort Hall, Leicester

A prestigious entertainments’ venue located in Leicester, the hall plays host to many of the regions high profile live events and required a covered outside smoking and drinking area for those attending.

The two areas the Hall staff had earmarked as potential locations for coverage were immediately outside the Halls main entrance. Because this was such a prevalent position, the solution chosen had to add something to the visual of the entrance, rather than distract from it.

After The Smoke Zone surveyed the two areas and discussed several options, the venue finally opted for two large High Tensile Parasols. The Smoke Zone had recommended this option as it was thought that the tower like peaks of the tensile parasols at either side of the entrance doors would complement the Halls original architecture.

In addition to the aesthetics of the parasols, they are also able to take up to 110kph winds.

The 4m square units chosen have mounting tubes that had to be cemented in to 1m cubed concrete pads, with The Smoke Zone undertaking all the excavation and ground works. Any material that was removed from the ground, to accommodate the concrete pads required, was also removed from site under the responsibility of The Smoke Zone.

Once the concrete had cured, a second installation team attended site to assemble and erect the High Tensile Parasols. Standing symmetrically to the entrance doors, the parasols certainly added a new focal point whilst offering a comfortable, sheltered smoking area for the venues visitors.

Jaz Bar – Hull

In an effort to increase his trade, along with improving the outside decked area that already existed, the owner of Jaz Bar in Hull contacted us to supply some outside coverage for his smoking customers.

After initial discussions, it became clear a retractable solution was required – fixed to the side of the main building to offer coverage over the adjacent decking.

With an area of 7m x 4m coverage required we decided upon offering a Med Unica, aluminium framed structure, with its quick and reliable motorised retracting roof system. Colour of the structure and fabric was chosen by the client, and an order was made.

Because of its status as a listed building, The Smoke Zone undertook the responsibility of getting planning permission from the local council, which was granted, enabling the project to go ahead.

Installed and commissioned over a period of two days, the Med Unica system was also complimented with the addition of Rattan outdoor furniture and infra-red heaters, all supplied by The Smoke Zone.

The end result was a clean and comfortable outdoor area, offering heat and rain protection during adverse weather conditions, shade from the sun when required – along with the flexibility to open the Med Unica roof when required.

Nu Bar – Hull

After an approach from the owners of what was to be a new cafe bar in Hull, The Smoke Zone soon started dialogue about creating a high end outside eating area, complete with a retractable roof system with heating and lighting.

Discussions were initially based around finding the right system to suit what the client was trying to achieve in terms of comfort and ambience. The client wanted a system that their customers could fell relaxed about dining within, as well as offering something different in terms of the standard dining experience – with regards to their surroundings.

The client had initially considering a standard awning solution, along with lighting bars and gas heaters. After discussion with The Smoke Zone, we made the client aware they wouldn’t have the full coverage they required with an awning solution.

The clients, requirements for gas heaters was based on the fact that they didn’t want the over imposing red glow of infra-red heating. However, The Smoke Zone was able to offer an infra-red heater which gives off a less imposing white glow, which the client was more than happy with, especially with its cheaper running costs than gas heaters.

The Smoke Zone then offered a series of retractable canopy solutions at varying costs and configurations, all of which offered something slightly different; whilst still meeting the clients’ coverage requirements.

After The Smoke Zone submitted several designs and quotes, the 10m x 5m aluminium framed Med Unica 130 ended up being the system the client felt matched their vision.

It was decided the system would comprise of three coupled individual modules, offering the flexibility to open/close only part, or all, of the retractable roof as required. This configuration also meant that the entrance to the cafe bar itself was clear of any supporting legs. To match the colour scheme of the cafe bar itself, the aluminium frame was powder coated to suit, along with a matching fabric, chosen from the large range of colours available.

Whilst having to liaise with several other contractors, also working on the project, with regards to canopy fixing points, canopy legs positions and supplies for the electrics, The Smoke Zone soon set out in ordering the system, complete with dimmable integrated LED Lighting Bars.

Once complete our client had an outside eating area with the flexibility of a retractable water tight roof, which could be closed at the touch of a button. The LED Lighting Bars are turned on/off and dimmed from the same remote as the retractable roof, to give an ambient, unobtrusive light that diners don’t feel too exposed by.

For when the temperatures get cooler, the introduction of the heating means that outside diners have no need to be rushing off indoors.

Kings Lynn NHS Hospital

Whilst trying to enforce a no smoking policy on their site, and thus supplying no shelters, Kings Lynn NHS Hospital found itself with the problem of having cigarette butts discarded all over the site.

In an attempt to centralise just were people smoked, the hospital outlined 3 areas for smoking shelters to be erected.

Area 1 was on the other side of the road from the main entrance and was the most sensitive area we looked at. The hospital trust didn’t want the smokers within the shelters to be visible and The Smoke Zone came up with the idea of applying vinyls to the shelters clear polycarbonate windows. After discussions with the hospital, a decision was made for an image of the Norfolk countryside to be digitally printed to stick on vinyl’s that would be carefully appiled to the polycarbonate sheets before installation. A 4m x 2m powder coated, aluminium framed Pluto Smoking Shelter was the shelter chosen. This was installed to a concrete base already put in place under the responsibility of the hospital.

Area 2 was for as smoking area for the hospital staff to use. Once again a 4m x 2m Pluto Shelter was installed, to standard specifications. Area 3 was an area within the car park that required a smoking shelter. With the hospital operating on a tight budget, The Smoke Zone advised them that an un-used shelter they had for wheel chair returns could in fact be utilised to make a smoking shelter. When our installation team attended site they also removed the side panels and associated parts to provide the shelter with the necessary 50% ventilation.

Installed along with benching, smoking bins and ashtrays, upon completion the hospital soon reported the near elimination of cigarette butts around the rest of the site. The vinyls on the shelter outside the main entrance meant that smokers within the shelters are always hidden from view.

Heathrow Airport Sofitel Hotel

Initially contacted by the maintenance team, the hotel had a requirement for a discreet smoking shelter.

It was soon established that our 4m x 2m Pluto Smoking Shelter was the solution to meet the size of coverage required, along with the hotels budgets. As a means of making the shelter a little more discreet, the standard clear polycarbonate sheets were replaced with opaque polycarbonate, thus stopping passing traffic from seeing the smokers.

Bolted directly to the existing floor, the shelter was installed in a single day.  

Smith & Nephews – Hull

With a large workforce to accommodate, Smith & Nephew required a large bespoke smoking shelter to fit within a pre-determined location at its main site in Hull. Talks with the companies’ project team raised such issues as the size required, along with the structures construction and colour, fixing details and ventilation.

With a bespoke powder coated, aluminium framed structure being identified as the way forward, The Smoke Zone were soon able to quote prices to the client. Once ordered, The Smoke Zone started to liaise with the ground work company responsible for the concrete base that would be required to fix the shelter to. Work also started getting the shelter designed and drawn up for manufacture. Using a local fabrication company, The Smoke Zone designed a shelter with the necessary ventilation and able to fit the required amount of staff stipulated by the client.

When installed, the shelter offered the Smith & Nephews employees a centralised smoking area, containing smoking on the site to just one location.

McDonalds – Beckton, East London

With the potential for an outside eating area, this McDonalds on a busy retail park in Beckton, East London required outside coverage to give their customers the option to enjoy their food alfresco.

Having previously supplied many other of the chains’ stores with McDonalds corporate coloured branded parasols, this store approached us with the additional requirement for heating and lighting. This would be the first time that a McDonalds had outside heating within the UK, and they asked that The Smoke Zone supplied a full risk assessment for this specific project, which was already a standard part of any installation we do.

To cover the area required, The Smoke Zone supplied two 4m x 3m company branded jumbrellas, installed side by side, with pre-wired heating and lighting for easy installation. Guttering was also supplied to run between the parasols, so to eliminate any rain dripping between the parasols.

MOTO Service Stations

MOTO contacted The Smoke Zone looking for cost effective, reliable outside coverage to create smoking areas for its customers. Because generally required in open areas susceptible to high winds, a solution was required that could cope with such conditions; whilst still looking “at home” within a café type environment.

With the option of being able to apply company branding to them, our commercial grade jumbrellas were supplied and installed onto decked and concreted areas, with the minimum of disruption. Operated via an easy action winding handle, the jumbrellas are easily opened and closed when required.

HMS Sultan

When the naval base HMS Sultan contacted us asking for something to be installed within a roof top garden area, they also gave the stipulation for a wooden structure.

What we recommended, and subsequently supplied and installed, was a 6000mm x 3000mm Andalucía Pavilion.

After its successful installation, such was it to the clients liking, they immediately bought a second identical Andalucía Pavilion, for the same garden.